Classes are fun, interactive, small group cooking lessons, customized for you, your family, your friends - whoever you want to include. Every class includes "how and why" instruction, hands-on learning, and recipes for each participant. Making soups and stocks, tasty ways to prepare and incorporate more vegetables and legumes, braising and pan-roasting, the wonderful world of grains, pasta from scratch, fermentation techniques, roasting, sourdough bread baking, and getting to know the spice universe - the sky's the limit!

Some entertaining thoughts for consideration -

  • Cooking on Sunday - and Mixing It Up All Week!
  • Just for Us Girls - Foods That Make You Look Sensational
  • The Way to a Man's Heart? Right Through the Kitchen
  • A Guy That Can Cook? Impress Your Date with a Knock-Out Dinner for Two
  • Lighten Up! Meals to Keep You Going Without Weighing You Down
  • Detox Every Time You Eat
  • Fermented Foods - What's It All About?
  • Putting Up - Making Great Seasonal Produce Last Throughout the Year

Classes generally run two to three hours, and the number of people is only limited by the space available! Please call to discuss options, availability, and pricing.